Dec. 31, 2017
SOURCE: Dan Walters – CALmatters

One of the hoariest myths about California goes something like this:

As they take refuge in their homes from sub-freezing temperatures and snow, residents of Eastern and Midwestern states watch telecasts of Pasadena’s Rose Parade on New Year’s Day, which is seemingly always bathed in balmy sunshine. On the spot, many decide to move to California, contributing to its high population growth.

There once was a grain of fact in that scenario, but you’d have to go back a half-century to find it.

Fact is—as two new reports on population trends underscore—California loses more people to other states each year than it gains. That’s been true for at least a quarter-century and, if anything, the exodus from the state has been growing, thanks to high housing prices, taxes and other costs of living.