Dec. 28, 2017
SOURCE: Ben Christopher – CALmatters

The 2018 elections are coming—and those of you who don’t spend your waking hours monitoring the secretary of state’s website may have some questions.

Questions like: Wait, there’s an election next year? And, didn’t we just have an election? And, Is Jerry Brown running again?

Yes, yes, and no, but you may hear a lot from the current governor between now and the elections.

In fact, expect to hear more political chatter of all kinds as Californians gear up to select a governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and other statewide constitutional officers; new Assembly members (all of them) and state senators (just half); members of Congress including a U.S. senator; and a yet-to-be-determined number of ballot propositions that may claim to remedy the housing crisis, fix healthcare policy and repeal the new gas tax, for starters.

Here’s a quick primer for anyone resolving to enter 2018 as a more informed citizen: