Jan. 10, 2018
SOURCE: Tom Manzo – Fox and Hounds

The California Business and Industrial Alliance (CABIA) was formed last year after the company I work for was assaulted with a wage and hour PAGA Lawsuit. This cost us over a million dollars and will take us years to recover. Late lunches and misclassified safety incentives were the violations we committed. Our flexible schedule and rewarding employees for safe behavior is a something you should not do in California. If an employee wants to come in early so he can go see his child at a school event we can no longer accommodate such a request. We do not have the staff to keep track of employees punching in and out at different times, and employees are not interested in eating lunch by themselves or at odd times due to the 5 hour requirement. This lawsuit took a perfectly happy “Family Atmosphere” and destroyed it; congratulations lawmakers and your over complicated Labor Law Digest in excess of 1,000 pages.