Region: Los Angeles

The Center for a Competitive Workforce has produced a report analyzing 20 middle-skills occupations for which community colleges offer degree and certificate programs. The occupations are employed by six key industries with a competitive advantage in the greater Los Angeles region. Read highlights of the report below, or download the full report PDF.


LAEDC’s Institute for Applied Economics has released the report, Goods on the Move: Trade and Logistics in Southern California. The report looks at jobs, wages, economic impact, trends, and factors affecting the future of this major regional industry cluster, which directly employs over half a million people in Southern California. The industry continues to grow, with more jobs being added. While average wages for the industry as a whole are above the LA County average, the individual occupations span a wide range of salaries. Warehousing experienced a 55% increase in employment during the past ten years, but salaries in that sector have been trending down, and increasing automation is a factor to watch.

The Latino population in Los Angeles County continues to grow robustly while, simultaneously, experiencing income growth. Put these two together and the County and big business benefit from a rapidly growing consumer base. Indeed, from 2000 to 2014, the number of Latinos in the County grew by 15.5%, compared to a 1.1% decline in the rest of the population. Meanwhile, the aggregate income among Latino head-of-households grew from $45.9 billion to $72.4 billion in 2014
"Following a 3.0% increase in 2014, nonfarm jobs are expected to grow by 2.9% in 2015, and then slow slightly to 2.4% in 2016. The unemployment rate stood at 6.3% in July and is expected to decline to 5.8% in 2016. With further improvements anticipated for the labor market, personal income and total taxable sales should increase by 4.9% and 4.5% respectively this year, with similar or better gains in 2016."
Oct. 13, 2014
Los Angeles has long been the center of technology and innovation, with the nexus of its signature aerospace and entertainment industries inexorably shattering successive frontiers of knowledge and imagination.
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