Source: Bay Area Council Economic Institute
In order to ensure the Bay Area’s economic vitality and resilience despite increasing boom and bust cycles, public and private sector leaders must come together around pragmatic solutions to persistent issues and barriers to success. The purpose of the Regional Economic Strategy Roadmap is to offer concrete actions for growing regional prosperity and a flexible framework for developing actions going forward. Its proposals are evergreen agents of economic resilience, strategies wise in both expansion and downtown, necessary to accelerate the former and dampen the latter. It is a recipe for a robust and enduring regional economy.
The Master Plan for Higher Education in California, produced in 1960, was a visionary document for its time, but must be updated to reflect the changed economic, demographic and financial environment of the current century. California’s economic future will depend on the outcome.
". . . an annual economic outlook at the national, state and local levels. "
Monthly reports on employment and unemployment for California, Bay Area, Bay Area MSAs, and by industry
. . .How the San Francisco Bay Area Became the World’s Leading Innovation Hub and What Will Be Necessary to Secure Its Future
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Nov. 17, 2017 / Andrew Khouri

Nov. 17, 2017 / The Editorial Board