Topic: Economy
Dec. 8, 2015
These projections reveal the significant impact the aging population will have on labor demand and labor supply. Health-care jobs will grow fastest, and nearly one-quarter of the labor force will be older than prime working-age (a term that might itself need to be retired). More generally, job growth will favor women and those with advanced degrees, while men with high school degrees may face the biggest labor-market challenges.
Oct. 23, 2015
Reich has a different vision: that government should mandate that all employers offer higher wages, and that people who can’t find jobs at those wages should be denied the chance to work. But creating a permanent underclass of people who can never get the skills for a meaningful career is not moral; it is cruel.
In this report, we present a number of suggestions for practical reform to patent policy consistent with the original public meaning of the Patent Clause, which will foster more innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic growth.
To bring the pavement condition and essential components such as storm drains, gutters, sidewalks and curbs of local streets and roads to a level of Best Management Practices (BMP), there needs to be an additional investment of $8.22 billion dollars annually over the next ten years.
June 12, 2015
“We can’t let communities fall behind. We can’t create a situation in which only the wealthy take advantage of subsidy programs,” said Assemblyman Henry Perea, a Fresno Democrat.
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