Topic: Trade
April 28, 2017

In a last-ditch effort to survive, bankrupt U.S. solar panel maker Suniva Inc. asked the Trump administration Wednesday to impose trade tariffs on all foreign-made solar cells.

April 14, 2017

California – the world’s sixth largest economy – has a lot of skin in the game. The state accounts for 11 percent of total U.S. exports; its total increased by $1.3 billion in February over the previous February, the fifth monthly increase in a row. California also accounts for one third of the U.S. trade deficit, though the number declined to $16.2 billion from $19.3 billion a year earlier.

Of the top 10 surplus countries, six are also among the state’s top 10 export markets, accounting for $4.4 billion in goods and services in February, according to the California Center for Jobs & the Economy.

Feb. 7, 2017
California merchandise exports closed out a strong second half of last year with an exceptional December, pushing the state’s 2016 total to nearly $164 billion.
Jan. 6, 2017
The trade gap for goods and services increased 6.8% from a month earlier to a seasonally adjusted $45.24 billion in November, the Commerce Department said Friday. That took the monthly deficit to its highest level since February.
Dec. 6, 2016
Exports fell 1.8% from September, the largest drop since January, and imports rose 1.3% in October. The fall in exports included declining shipments of soybeans, corn and consumer goods while the import rise included stronger domestic demand for foreign-made pharmaceuticals, cellphones and capital goods.
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