How California’s Economy Benefits from International Trade & Investment

Number of Trade Jobs: 4,700,000

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The State of Immigration: US is Far Behind in the Race for Global Talent

Most Americans agree that the future of the U.S. economy depends on the ability of its businesses to compete globally. One of the key factors that allow U.S. employers to grow their businesses and create new jobs is their ability to recruit and retain talent from other countries. How well does the current U.S. employment-based immigration system support this goal?  Based on original research and analysis, Business Roundtable found that the United States falls short when compared to other advanced economies.

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Buying and Selling: Cross-border Mergers and Acquisitions and the US Corporate Income Tax

Most developed countries impose little or no additional tax on the active foreign income of multinational companies. Today the United States is the only developed country with a worldwide system and a corporate income tax rate above 30%. Consequently, foreign companies can afford to bid more for acquisitions in the United States and abroad as compared to US companies.

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California Competitiveness Project–An Analysis of California’s Economic Competitiveness

. . . study on the competitive viability of the Golden State’s business and regulatory climate.

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Keeping California’s Edge: The Growing Demand for Highly Educated Workers

. . . identifies growing sectors seeking highly educated workers, analyzes the economic value created by those workers and identifies the top six industries with the most at stake in our state’s highly educated high demand future.

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