Film and Television Tax Credit Program Progress Report

A first-time analysis of projects that applied to the Program but were denied due to insufficient availability of tax credits. Of those projects that were subsequently produced, a small minority elected to shoot in California without benefit of the Program. Instead, the overwhelming majority of projects denied for California tax credits opted to shoot outside the state in jurisdictions where tax credits are available.

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Progress Report: Film and Television Tax Credit Program & Competition for California’s Entertainment Industry

The California Film & Television Tax Credit Program (Program) was enacted in February 2009 as part of a targeted economic stimulus package to increase film and television production spending, jobs and tax revenues in California. The Program has just commenced its 5th fiscal year. This report will summarize the Program’s progress from its launch in July 2009 through June 2013, and includes spending estimates and project information for the current fiscal year (July 2013 – June 2014). The report also includes a brief overview of California’s entertainment industry and the growing competition for our state’s motion picture production spending, as well as supplementary background on the changing landscape for scripted television series production.

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