More Companies Exit Business-Bashing California For Business-Friendly States

If your business is in California and you’re wondering if companies continue to leave the state, the answer is, “Yes, and anecdotal evidence is that the numbers are growing.”

Before I identify the latest companies to depart California – 24 of them, which I’ve learned about only within the last three months – consider the deterioration in the once-golden state.

California continues to lose companies because of the state’s miserable treatment of businesses and the continued lowering of the quality of life in San Francisco and Los Angeles – parts of those cities have declined into squalor, which is spreading into other communities.

Every time a company departs the state, or does a U-turn and abandons its plan to move to California, the state loses capital investment projects, future tax revenues and jobs. Winning states have lower taxes, sensible regulations, reasonable energy costs and a better quality of life.

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