The California Center for Jobs and the Economy provides an objective and definitive source of information pertaining to job creation and economic trends in California.


Using state and federal employment data and a number of other government and private sector sources the Center will produce monthly, quarterly and annual economic reports touching on three key issues:

  1. Regional differences in California’s economic recovery
  2. How California’s industrial structure is changing under current state policies
  3. The types of jobs gained and lost as the state and regional economies respond to current policies

In addition, the Center will examine the impact of these three key issues on California’s economic diversity, public revenues, and economic opportunities for the state’s increasingly diverse population. In order to better understand the changing structure of state’s industry and jobs mix, as well as the related impacts from state public policy on job creation the Center will release periodic special studies in partnership with respected higher education institutions on key jobs issues oriented towards providing background and data and analysis on key public policy issues impacting job creation in California.