December 2015
  • 5.8%
    CA Unemployment
  • 0.1%
    One Month Change
  • -1.0%
    Year Over Year
  • 4.8%
    US Unemployment

Jan. 31, 2016
A key measure of U.S. manufacturers’ health suffered its largest annual decline since the recession ended more than six years ago, showing how global headwinds are eroding a onetime pillar of the economy.
Jan. 31, 2016
In short, we view a significant majority of what the LAO identified as discretionary resources in the budget as nonrecurring. From a structural standpoint, therefore, California's fiscal alignment affords considerably less capacity for new ongoing spending initiatives than its current-year bottom line might suggest.
Jan. 29, 2016
Gross domestic product, a broad measure of economic output, expanded at a 0.7% seasonally adjusted annualized rate in the fourth quarter, the Commerce Department said Friday. The economy had advanced 2% in the third quarter and 3.9% in the second quarter.
Jan. 27, 2016
The Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, the region's largest carrier, lost more than 10% of its boardings from 2006 to 2015, a decline that appears to be accelerating. Despite a $9-billion investment in new light rail and subway lines, Metro now has fewer boardings than it did three decades ago, when buses were the county's only transit option.
Jan. 23, 2016
Since 2007, for instance, the San Francisco Bay Area, with 20 percent of the state’s population, has generated well over half of the state’s employment growth. Conversely, Los Angeles County, with a 25 percent of the population, has produced less than 10 percent of the new jobs.