Union schemes, scams and some pushback

As the Janus case (which ultimately would give public employees a choice whether or not to pay money to a union as a condition of employment) was headed to the Supreme Court, many unions saw the writing on the wall and cooked up ā€œtrap languageā€ schemes. This chicanery only allows dissenting workers to quit a union during a very brief specified time period, or be sucked in for another year. However, Los Angeles teacher Tommy Few tested the unionā€™s ploy and scored a major victory. With help from the California Policy Center and Liberty Justice Center, he sued the United Teachers of Los Angeles in November after several requests to be relieved of all union dues went unanswered. Two weeks later, Few received a letter claiming that UTLA still has the right to take his money, but the union will refrain from doing so ā€œrather than expend dues money on litigation.

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