A silver wave? California braces for elderly boom that could overburden state

Virginia Kidd has rented her apartment in midtown Sacramento for 12 years. The retired Sacramento State professor lives there with her cats and enjoys helping out at the local library.

At 78, she said she has been lucky to age with minimal health issues so far, but she sometimes worries about what she would do if she were to need care.

She thinks about it when she climbs up and down the two sets of stairs in her apartment, which she worries she may not be able to afford if rents rise. “It’s a little harrowing, and I regret not owning,” she said.

Kidd still drives, but she often walks to places around midtown. That would change if she had to move, and as people age, driving isn’t always an option.

“I had cataract surgery a few years ago, but I get my mail over in the post office on J Street,” Kidd said. “But when you can’t drive, I couldn’t get to it.”

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