Editorial/Opinion: The Time is Right To Modernize CEQA

The Santa Cruz Sentinel recently joined a growing chorus of newspapers throughout California that believe it’s time to modernize the California Environmental Quality Act. Fortunately, our elected leaders in Sacramento also seem to be responding to the call.

Democrat Senate Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg has joined with Sen. Michael Rubio and others as part of a thoughtful, deliberative process to modernize CEQA. Gov. Jerry Brown has made CEQA modernization a priority, and he was recently joined by three former California governors and legislators from throughout California, both Republicans and Democrats, who are reaching across the aisle to advocate this important priority.

For the past 43 years, CEQA has served as a vital tool to protect our environment by ensuring that all proposed local development projects undergo a rigorous environmental review process and that the impacts of new projects on the environment are adequately mitigated. That part of CEQA shouldn’t change.

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