Salesforce will rename tower in Downtown Indianapolis, hire 800 tech workers

San Francisco-based Salesforce will add as many as 800 new tech jobs to Downtown Indianapolis, invest $40 million over 10 years and rename the city’s Chase Tower after leasing thousands of square feet at the property, the company confirmed Friday.

Salesforce’s new Indiana lease came with naming rights, which it will now use to rename the site Salesforce Tower Indianapolis, a reference to a hard-fought fight over LGBT rights in the state. The cloud-based computing behemoth already has an iconic property being built in San Francisco.

The location is an interesting choice for Salesforce and its founder, Marc Benioff, who have taken issue in the past with restrictive measures aimed at the LGBT community passed by state governments. After a contentious battle, Indiana revised its 2015 Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which Benioff and other critics said would allow discrimination against gay Hoosiers.

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