Opinion: Raising the minimum wage will squeeze nonprofit organizations

The Sacramento Children’s Home is committed to creating stable and safe home environments for families in the Sacramento region. I see firsthand the struggles when parents can’t make ends meet, and how financial pressures can spiral into overwhelming challenges.

Raising the minimum wage will help many families have an easier time paying their bills. But raising the minimum wage also has unintended consequences. The business community has its concerns, but the impact to nonprofits hasn’t been told.

As the head of the Sacramento Children’s Home, I want to pay higher wages so that I can hire, and most importantly retain, qualified staff. Our staff provides shelter, stability, counseling and other critical services to thousands of children and families each year.

These children often lack a safe family environment, and they become very attached to Children’s Home staff. Being able to retain skilled counselors, therapists and educators who provide a nurturing environment is a critical part of our community impact.

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