ObamaCareā€™s Failed Cost Controls

When the authors of the Affordable Care Act promised to ā€œbend the cost curveā€ in health care, it was typical Washington doublespeak. Voters likely heard those words as a promise that costs would go down, but the intended meaning was merely that they would rise more slowly than before.

Yet even by that meager standard, ObamaCare is a failure. Costs are rising faster than before, and thereā€™s no real prospect of a reversal. The key provisions of the law that were supposed to produce savings and efficiencies either havenā€™t worked or will never be implemented. ObamaCareā€™s Failed Cost Controls Photo: iStock/Getty Images

Americaā€™s health-care spending rose 4.3% in 2016, according to federal data released earlier this month. That is the third straight year it outpaced economic growth. Total health spending last year was 17.9% of gross domestic product, up from 17.2% in 2013.

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