With Climate Change on the California Legislature’s Agenda, Utilities “Making the Rounds”

Instead of including the 50 percent target in the state’s existing regulatory framework, the utilities argue, California should require increased carbon reduction through other, more flexible means. They say other approaches could cost less while still achieving environmental goals.

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Refinery Strike Pushes Up Wholesale Gasoline Prices

Gasoline traders reacted quickly to the first nationwide oil refinery walkout in more than three decades, pumping up wholesale prices to their highest level in more than a month..

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California’s Scrambled Eggs

This comes when egg demand is growing, in part because soaring meat prices have caused Americans to turn to other foods. Per capita consumption is expected to reach more than 260 eggs this year, the highest since 1983, according to the USDA. The poorest consumers have been hit hardest by the price spike because eggs have traditionally been a cheap source of protein.

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Expensive–but Worth It?

It’s no secret that California is expensive. It’s a little more nuanced than that: coastal California is very expensive, while inland California is just moderately expensive. State leaders in Sacramento, however, don’t appear too concerned with California’s growing price tag even though there’s evidence that it could be slowing the Golden State’s economic growth.

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