California Governor Gavin Newsom Announces Appointments

Dean Fealk, 46, of Piedmont, has been appointed to the California Workforce Development Board. Fealk has been partner and co-chair of the international labor and employment practice at DLA Piper since 2007 and general counsel, honorary chair and co-founder at the Halifax International Security Forum since 2011.  He was an advisor on the Europe and […]

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The Supreme Court Left The Door Wide Open For Trump To Try Again On Census Citizenship

A majority of the members of the U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday saw the justification offered by Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross for adding a citizenship question to the 2020 census for exactly what it was: a lie, though the court was more delicate in its terminology. Ross has said repeatedly that government needs to ask […]

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Helping To Define What It Means To Be ‘Made In California’

Let me start with an admission: government officials—at all levels—don’t do a good job of engaging the public as we grapple with big, complex challenges. Hearings only go so far. Videos and social posts get into only so much detail and nuance. And, most importantly, most of what we do is based on how we […]

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Let’s Face It, California, The Democrats Just Aren’t That Into Us

Fourteen Democratic presidential contenders blew into San Francisco last weekend to woo the delegates to the state Democratic Party convention and whisper sweet nothings to California voters. They promised to give us the time and attention we deserve, now that we’ve moved our primary up into early March. And then they were gone — headed […]

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California Assembly’s New Rules Have Led To Legislative Censorship

Legislators from both parties introduce bills that reflect their priorities. These bills may respond to issues that have occurred in a district, be constituent ideas, bill proposals from advocacy groups, or author-sponsored legislation. Regardless of a bill’s origin, it seems reasonable to expect that each would be heard in a committee, supported or opposed by […]

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Sac City Unified school district says it will be broke in November 2019

The Sacramento City Unified School District announced Wednesday it expects to run out of cash by November 2019 after months of financial crisis. In a statement sent to the community, the district said unless major savings are found, it will be unable to pay employees and make necessary purchases. The statement suggested that moving forward […]

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