A Critical Look at the Low Carbon Fuel Standard

In the movie Thelma and Louise, the two hapless heroines clasp hands and hurl their turquois Thunderbird over a cliff and into an abyss of certain death. It’s become an iconic moment in American film, a noble if extreme solution when all hope is lost.

California is about to hurl itself over a cliff of its own making. In pursuing a fatally flawed effort to create a valuable investment opportunity for a few, the Air Board is insisting on moving forward with a regulation that will put the fuel supply for millions of Californians at risk. Unlike Thelma and Louise, the sound track does not soar and the credits don’t roll before the car crashes to the ground.

This is a disaster movie in the making and we all get to witness the carnage when the car hits the ground. Indeed, if you live in California and drive a vehicle, chances are you will get to play a part in this unfortunate drama.

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