Aerojet And Toyota: A Look At Two Exits From Golden State

Sacramento’s longtime golden goose Aerojet Rocketdyne was a feted fowl. But in April, the bird became the payload as the rocket-maker’s executives, after taking a gander at the state’s business environment, fitted the bird with one of its RS-25 engines and began the countdown to jettison her jobs out of state.

The tale of a similar exodus is in order as Aerojet nears its 2018 launch window. Torrance, in L.A.’s South Bay, knows the drill too well. Toyota announced in 2014 it would shutter its 110-acre North American headquarters there.

With two helipads, a data center, country-club amenities and a back-up power generation station, the Toyota campus employed 3,000. Its 2 million square feet of office and industrial space in 18 buildings will go dark as weeds sprout through tiny cracks in its 8,000 parking spaces.

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