California Out-Migration Intensifies, People Move South

New York again lost the most domestic migrants, at 180,000, down from last year’s peak for the decade of 193,000. California’s net domestic out-migration continued to intensify, with a loss of 156,000, which has steadily risen from 41,000 in 2011. Illinois, where the housing is considerably more affordable than California, but lacks the economy of either the Golden State or the Empire State, lost 114,000 net domestic migrants, but was displaced in with the second largest exodus by California after 2016. New Jersey lost a net 51,000 domestic migrants.
Considerably smaller losses were sustained by Louisiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Michigan, which shed from 28,000 to 17,000 net domestic migrants.
Florida had by far the largest net international migration, at 176,000, while California gained 118,000. Texas also added more than 100,000 international migrants (105,000). Four states added fewer than 1,000 net international migrants. West Virginia had the least, at under 400 and was joined by Maine, Wyoming and Montana with fewer than 1,000.
By region, overall net domestic migration indicated a continuing pattern of movement to the South. Between 2010 and 2017, the South gained 3.1 million net domestic migrants. The West was a poor second, at 700,000. The Northeast lost 2.2 million and the Midwest lost 1.7 million.

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