California Wildfire Plan Shows How We Can Adapt To Threat Of Natural Disasters

Climate change is rapidly becoming America’s biggest economic and business challenge, and no state is doing more to address it than California. The Golden State has not just led the way in challenging the do-nothing policies of the Trump administration by requiring its electric companies to switch to renewable energy sources and preserving higher fuel efficiency standards for cars. No less impressive is how it has stepped up to deal with what has become the most dangerous and costly manifestation of global warming: wildfires, which have already claimed dozens of lives, destroyed billions of dollars in property and bankrupted the state’s largest electric utility.

Last month, the California legislature — with a two-thirds majority, no less — passed the creative proposal from Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) to reduce the risk that utility power lines will spark wildfires and to socialize the cost of compensating victims when those measures fail.

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