Facebook Expansion Could Be Affected If Menlo Park Approves A Proposed Development Ban

Frustrated with a growing housing and jobs imbalance, two Menlo Park council members are proposing a citywide moratorium on all non-residential developments.

If approved by a majority of council members, the moratorium could disrupt Facebook’s massive redevelopment plan, which is expected to add more than 6,000 employees to its Bayfront Expressway campus. City staff is currently reviewing that project, dubbed Willow Village

Mayor Pro Tem Cecilia Taylor and Councilmember Betsy Nash, who both joined the council in December 2018, submitted their moratorium request in a memo sent to Mayor Ray Mueller and made public Wednesday evening.

“Menlo Park’s jobs/housing imbalance seriously affects the quality of life for residents throughout the city,” Nash said in an email Thursday. “A temporary development moratorium gives us a chance to pause and assess our situation and possible policy responses.”

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