From The West Coast To New England, Lawmakers Push Policies That Inflate Gas Prices & Utility Bills

California Governor Gavin Newsom recently called for the state’s energy commission to investigate the cause of California’s relatively high gas prices. At the time of Newsom’s request on April 23, California drivers were paying an average of $4.03 per gallon according to AAA, or $1.18 more than the national average.

“Independent analysis suggests that an unaccounted-for price differential exists in California’s gas prices and that this price differential may stem in part from inappropriate industry practices,” Newsom wrote in his April letter to the commission. “These are all important reasons for the Commission to help shed light on what’s going on in our gasoline market.”

Given that Democratic lawmakers who control the California Legislature recently voted to raise gas prices by hiking the state gas tax in 2017, a move that Newsom supported at the time as Lieutenant Governor, Newsom and Democratic lawmakers’ investigation into the source of high gas prices has been mocked.

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