Get up to speed: 10 hot topics that will shape California campaigns in 2018

The 2018 elections are coming—and those of you who don’t spend your waking hours monitoring the secretary of state’s website may have some questions.

Questions like: Wait, there’s an election next year? And, didn’t we just have an election? And, Is Jerry Brown running again?

Yes, yes, and no, but you may hear a lot from the current governor between now and the elections.

In fact, expect to hear more political chatter of all kinds as Californians gear up to select a governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and other statewide constitutional officers; new Assembly members (all of them) and state senators (just half); members of Congress including a U.S. senator; and a yet-to-be-determined number of ballot propositions that may claim to remedy the housing crisis, fix healthcare policy and repeal the new gas tax, for starters.

Here’s a quick primer for anyone resolving to enter 2018 as a more informed citizen:

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