New study throws doubt on China car emissions data

Carbon emissions from cars in the Chinese city of Chengdu could be underestimated by more than half under conventional testing methods, according to the preliminary results of a study released on Wednesday.

The findings from the study in the central city were supported by a research arm of China’s top planning body using data from Uber and taxi firms.

It found that standard laboratory estimates of carbon emissions from cars were off by about 6,500 metric tonnes per day, or about 59 percent.

The study aims to pave the way for more targeted carbon emissions policies in China.

“In the (the Chinese government’s most recent) 13th five-year plan, every region and city has the target, but the question is how you meet those targets and how do you verify the target has been met?” said An Feng, head of the Innovation Center for Energy and Transportation, a think-tank that led the study. 

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