Once again, most ‘job killer’ bills rejected

The California Chamber of Commerce did even better than usual in sidetracking the liberal measures that it placed on its notorious “job killer” list.

Over the last two decades, ever since the annual list was first published, the chamber and allied business groups have rung up about a 90 percent kill ratio. But in 2018, the organization was even more successful, killing or watering down all but one of the 29 bills that it targeted, including one added in the dying hours of the session. Most vanished without leaving the political DNA of rollcall votes.

The one survivor had a familiar author, Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher, a San Diego Democrat who has a remarkable record of getting her “job killer” bills, most of which deal with labor union or employment issues, through the Legislature.

Her victory this year was a biggie. Assembly Bill 3080 bars employers from imposing arbitration agreements as a condition of hiring employees.

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