Putting 5 Million Electric Cars on California Roads Wouldn’t Overwhelm Power Grid: Report

Currently, there are about 369,000 electric cars on California roads, and Gov. Jerry Brown hopes to bring that number up to 5 million by 2030.

That might appear to put electric cars on a collision course with a fragile power grid.

But a report released Thursday by San Francisco-based think tank Next 10 suggests that there’s less cause for worry than some have suggested.

. . . The state’s shift toward cleaner transportation will require upgrades to the energy system, according to the report, but the benefits will outweigh the costs.

“If California wants to meet its zero-emission vehicle goals while keeping electricity affordable and reliable, it’s worth considering some policy levers that can help,” co-author Anand Gopal said in a statement.

Key measures the report recommends for a smoother transition include offering drivers off-peak charging incentives and “smart charging” programs, but the report notes potential barriers to these initiatives.

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