Renewable Gas Really Is Too Good To Be True

As California ramps up efforts to improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions statewide, one polluting industry, in particular, is fighting to maintain relevance.

In the face of local governments, state regulators, health professionals, and environmental groups calling for clean energy homes and buildings that can be powered with renewable electricity instead of gas, SoCalGas, a subdivision of Sempra Energy, is calling for an unrealistic alternative: “renewable” gas.

Recently, SoCalGas announced plans to offer customers renewable gas or biomethane. Biomethane comes from methane that’s captured at dairies, landfills, and wastewater treatment facilities, and is then processed, refined and injected into the utility pipeline for customers to burn like conventional gas in their homes for heating and cooking.

Ultimately, SoCalGas has ambitions to ramp up the production of biomethane to account for 20 percent of the utility’s gas supply by 2030.

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