San Onofre emails show history of private meetings between regulators, energy insiders and advisers to Gov. Jerry Brown

Emails that California utility regulators withheld for years — and recently released under a court order — show that political appointees of Gov. Jerry Brown met privately to discuss state energy policy.

. . .Critics were quick to condemn the meetings, which according to the emails were held through most of 2014.

“They are not appropriate because the public doesn’t get a chance to participate,” said Michael Aguirre, the San Diego attorney who sued the utilities commission for access to the emails that revealed the meetings.

“If they’re going to collapse four or five agencies into a group of energy principals, then they need to notice their meetings,” he said. “The public’s constitutional right to watch needs to be respected.”

The emails show that discussions involved matters looming before the regulatory bodies, including the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, or SONGS, the nuclear plant north of Oceanside whose failure has been under investigation by the utilities commission since 2012.

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