SoCal Edison wants to raise electric rates – and you can tell them what you think

State utility regulators have planned a series of public hearings on a nearly 13 percent electrical rate increase sought by Southern California Edison.

Southern California Edison seeks permission to boost rates and revenues by $222 million by January 2018, an additional increase of $533 million in 2019, and $570 million in 2020 to cover operating costs.

If approved by the CPUC, it would increase company revenue by 5.5 percent next year to $5.9 billion. Residential customers who use an average 600 kilowatt-hours per month in 2018 would expect to pay an extra $3.75 a month. In 2019, the monthly increase would be about $5.65; in 2020 about $7.29.

Edison officials say the increase is needed to beef up parts of the power grid as more and more customers install renewable energy systems, including rooftop solar, battery storage and smart inverters.

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