The electric car market didn’t have to turn out to be such a corrupt, subsidized fiasco.

But there is a villain in this story — and his name is Uncle. He committed two heinous crimes, for which he deserves to be frog-marched to the dock, tried, convicted and (cue Judge Alvin Valkenheiser from Nothing But Trouble) sent for a ride on Mr. Bone Stripper.

The first of his offenses is the murder — really more of a pre-emptive abortion — of the affordable and functionally serviceable electric car.

The second is his assault upon the free market, which resulted in the illegitimate birth of high-performance electric luxury sport-cars that happen to be electric but which are utterly dependent for their existence on mandates and subsidies — and which most people still can’t afford without assuming heavy debt.

These EVs are only an “alternative” to internal combustion for the very affluent — and the very indebted. For the average person hoping to reduce his cost to drive, they make as much sense as running marathons in OJ’s Bruno Maglis.

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