US Fuel Economy Data on Cara Inaccurate and Getting Worse, Study Finds

Oct 1 The U.S. government’s testing underestimates how much fuel cars will burn on the road, and the problem has gotten worse, according to a study released on Thursday.

The release of the study funded by the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory comes as regulators in the United States, Canada and Europe tighten their scrutiny of how cars perform in real-world conditions.

That comes after Volkswagen admitted last month to equipping its diesel cars with software that made the cars run clean in laboratory tests in order to hide actual emissions .

The gap between the better performance of cars in testing by regulators and the lower fueleconomy drivers experience has been widely known. But a wider gap could jeopardize the United States from reaching its targets for reducing carbon emissions, according to the study by researchers at self reported the University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge.

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