White House-led Initiative to Support Valley Manufacturing Consortium

The U.S. Secretary of Commerce announced today that a Valley-based food and beverage manufacturing consortium would receive access to federal funding as part of a White House-sponsored program called Investing in Manufacturing Communities Partnership (IMCP).

The Central Valley AgPlus Food and Beverage Manufacturing Consortium (AgPlus Consortium) was one of 12 so-called “manufacturing communities” nationwide tabbed to participate in the second round of the Obama Administration-led initiative.

U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker and Deputy Director of the White House Economic Council Jason Miller made the announcement during a conference call hosted by the White House Wednesday afternoon.

“This initiative is critical to our Administration’s overall effort to support American manufacturing,” Pritzker said. “Supporting manufacturing continues to be a top priority for President Obama.”

“We’ve seen incredible progress in U.S. manufacturing since 2010,” Miller said. “After a decade of decline, American manufacturing is back on the upswing.”

Noting that three-quarters of private sector research and development efforts come from manufacturing, Miller added, “We need to double down on our R&D efforts and take advantage of this moment of opportunity.”

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