Gov. Brown, let’s lure businesses from Texas

Gov. Rick Perry’s latest attempt at luring businesses from California to Texas is a 30-second radio ad where he says, “Building a business in California is next to impossible.”

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Editorial/Opinion: Gov. Perry, Bring It On; California Can Compete

Some are calling it a bold, aggressive action. To me, it’s simply an act of desperation. The governor of Texas has been creating a little media buzz with his latest effort at poaching California businesses. After first buying airtime for a radio spot in a few media markets, he’s now following up with personal visits to businesses in some key California markets, including Orange County.

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Editorial/Opinion: As California Dreams, States Deal With Reality

While Congress and the president recently hiked taxes for 77 percent of the nation’s taxpayers, proposals for sweeping tax cuts continue to gain momentum at the state level. As the White House and Congress seem determined to make the U.S. even less economically competitive, states like Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma are considering a phase-out of their income taxes. The Wall Street Journal correctly calls it a “Heartland Tax Rebellion.”

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Should Business Owner Stay In State, Or Go?

Melton International Tackle, which sells fishing gear worldwide, is marking 20 years in business in Anaheim during 2013. It may be the last.

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Editorial/Opinion: Golden State Can Be Reinvigorated

If you are worried about California’s future, there’s no shortage of disturbing statistics to keep you up at night. California’s unemployment rate was 9.8 percent in November – and, with a host of new regulatory mandates added when the New Year began, our state is becoming even more unattractive for businesses.

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