Surprise! California ranks worst state for business on another list

It’s another day, with another list slapping California as a place unfriendly to businesses. According to a survey of more than 700 CEOs, California ranks dead last.

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California is both a job killer and job creator

California is widely viewed as one of the most anti-business states in the nation, bristling with high taxes and onerous regulations that drive companies away. The state also is seen as a leading generator of high-paying jobs in growing industries, attracting more than half of the nation’s venture capital investment.

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Lawmakers Determined To Overhaul CEQA This Year

Battle-scarred and bullet-hole-riddled over the 42 years since Gov. Ronald Reagan signed it into law, the California Environmental Quality Act likely will receive its first major overhaul in the legislative session that began Jan. 7.

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Sutter Consolidating 1,000 Back-Office Jobs to Roseville

Company: Sutter HealthCA Net Job Gain/Loss: Unknown impactReason: ConsolidationCity/Region Losing Jobs: Not GivenCity/Region Gaining Jobs: Roseville, CANotes: Company “consolidating” 1,000 jobs to Roseville, net impact not given

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Roseville’s Telefunken Plant Laying Off 85 Workers

Company: TelefunkenCA Net Job Gain/Loss: -85Reason: LayoffCity/Region Losing Jobs: Roseville, CA

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