Topic: Business Migration
Jan. 6, 2017
San Francisco bag-maker Chrome Industries is the latest apparel company to move operations to Portland. The company said its headquarters will relocate there in early April.
Jan. 5, 2017
The Palo Alto-based company began “mass production” of its lithium-ion battery cells Wednesday at its plant outside Reno, Nevada. The company has already partnered with Panasonic Corp. to build the batteries, which will be used in Tesla’s energy-storage products and in its Model 3 sedan, the company said in a blog post.
Dec. 22, 2016
“Arizona welcomes Uber self-driving cars with open arms and wide open roads. While California puts the brakes on innovation and change with more bureaucracy and more regulation, Arizona is paving the way for new technology and new businesses,” said Gov. Ducey. 
Dec. 14, 2016
Across the Northeast and in urban centers like Los Angeles and Dallas, only one county in seven has seen factory jobs increase since 2011. . . Across the rest of the more than 2,600 counties with factory jobs, manufacturing employment grew in more than one-third. There are more than 330 counties where factory jobs are up more than 20 percent since 2008.
Dec. 2, 2016
Financial services and insurance company Transamerica said Thursday that it will close its office in Los Angeles, cutting about 315 jobs.
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