Why Hershey is uprooting this Bay Area food business for a headquarters move to Austin

The Pennsylvania-based chocolate and snack foods giant acquired the local jerky startup for nearly $220 million in 2015. At the time, Hershey said it was committed to keeping Krave’s headquarters in Sonoma.

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Last call for Campari’s S.F. headquarters as spirits giant relocates to New York

San Francisco will soon be drained of one of the world’s largest spirits companies with Campari America’s recent decision to relocate its Bay Area headquarters to the East Coast. The Campari Group subsidiary plans to vacate its offices in Levi’s Plaza this fall after signing a nearly 65,000-square-foot lease in New York City to accommodate […]

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Bechtel Group moving headquarters to suburban Washington, D.C.

San Francisco lost one of its most storied firms Thursday when Bechtel Group said it will move its headquarters to Reston, Va., by year-end after more than a century here. The loss of the San Francisco headquarters of the secretive engineering, construction and project management company means the Bay Area will lose about 150 jobs […]

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Are construction costs killing new Bay Area housing?

Even with apartment rents near record highs, rising construction costs and city fees are slowing down housing development around the Bay Area. In San Francisco, 4,500 new units were completed in 2017, down 14 percent for the year. Completions are expected to fall further based on the pipeline. . . . Developers are grappling with […]

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San Francisco’s restaurant industry vets dish on dire hiring picture and skyrocketing costs

Labor now accounts for more than 30 percent of the average restaurateur’s business, and some operators have increased prices by about 8 percent to help combat the additional expenses.

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California worse than every state but one for building housing

California ranks 49th in the nation for housing per capita, highlighting how seriously state policy makers need to take the state’s housing crisis, gubernatorial candidate Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom said this month. The ranking comes from a 2016 report from McKinsey Global Institute titled “A Tool Kit to Close California’s Housing Gap: 3.5 Million Homes […]

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California brain drain could be on horizon, as fewer local kids get into state colleges

Overcrowded campuses and increased international popularity is forcing the University of California and California State University schools to turn away thousands of eligible local students, an exodus that could lead to a brain drain in the state later. The worry that tens of thousands of bright, talented Californians could be leaving the state for good […]

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Stat of the Week: $150,000 added to every new home

That’s the estimated cost of city fees tacked onto each new single-family home in Fremont. The Terner Center for Housing Innovation at the University of California, Berkeley, compared housing development fees in seven cities: Berkeley, Oakland, Fremont, Los Angeles, Irvine, Sacramento and Roseville. Fremont topped for both single-family homes and for multifamily units at about […]

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San Francisco has some streets dirtier than the world’s filthiest slums, new report finds

The City of San Francisco has more than 153 blocks with conditions so unsanitary that they rate close to the worst slums in India, Brazil or Kenya, a new report has found. NBC Bay Area studied a 10-mile swath of downtown San Francisco, including tourist attractions like Union Square and several of the city’s biggest […]

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Pandora slashes staff, says Oakland is too expensive so it will expand in Atlanta

Oakland-based Pandora Media said Wednesday that it will cut 5 percent of its workforce and expand its business in Atlanta, because the Southern city is more cost effective than growing the brand in the East Bay.

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Why California’s gasoline prices may spike to $4 a gallon by summer

California drivers could see the price of gas soar to $4 a gallon by May, a price point that hasn’t happened in the state since July 2014, analysts said this week. Patrick DeHaan, head of petroleum analysis at Boston-based GasBuddy, told Bloomberg on Thursday that with gas prices at their lowest for the year, they […]

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San Rafael-based software company Autodesk to slash nearly 1,200 jobs in restructuring

San Rafael-based software company Autodesk said in an earnings statement Tuesday that it will cut 13 percent, or nearly 1,200 jobs, in a restructuring. An Autodesk spokesperson declined to give details on where those job cuts would be and said the company had no comment beyond what was in the earnings statement, which was released after the stock market closed. Shares of Autodesk fell more than 12 percent in after-hours trading. Autodesk employs some 9,000 people in its offices globally, including a combined 2,000 at its San Rafael headquarters and a San Francisco office.

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Nestle moves hundreds of jobs out of costly California including layoffs in Oakland

Nestle’s decision to move hundreds of jobs out of California promises to fuel reflection among Bay Area business and civic leaders on the challenges of operating in California, with its high-priced housing and traffic congestion.

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Wells Fargo, AT&T, others cite tax overhaul in plans to boost wages, pay bonuses

Several major companies, perhaps eager to boost public opinion for the tax overhaul that dramatically slashed their taxes, said Wednesday that they will boost employee pay and bonuses in the wake of federal tax law changes.

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Delays at three S.F. megaprojects stall over 15,000 housing units

Three of San Francisco’s largest residential projects have been stalled by months of infrastructure approval delays, another obstacle in the push to alleviate the city’s housing shortage.

The projects, Parkmerced, Schlage Lock and Treasure Island, are at three different corners of the city and collectively contain more than 15,000 housing units, including thousands of affordable units.

Despite winning Board of Supervisors approvals years ago, each project has grappled with various technical approvals required by the city, according to developers, city officials and building permit documents. None have started construction on their housing phases, despite previous schedules calling for work to start by this year.

. . . A source, who works on one of the three projects, said there are “fundamental disagreements” between city agencies about project details, such as the shape of a driveway or the design of a building façade. That’s led to numerous delays.

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