Gloomy Prospects in IEA’s Latest World Energy Outlook

None of the scenarios in the latest International Energy Agency World Energy Outlook show renewables growing fast enough to meet global climate goals. Under current policies, said the IEA this week, the world would see increasing strains on almost all aspects of energy security and “a major additional rise” in energy-related carbon emissions. And under […]

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Climate Hoax: Not A Single G-20 Country Is Close To Hitting CO2 Emission Targets

A new report calls the lie on the grand Paris climate change treaty. None of the promised cuts in CO2 emissions that 200-plus countries made will come close to preventing a climate “catastrophe.” And many of the industrialized nations aren’t even living up to the promises they did make. . . . What did it […]

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Ballot measures taking aim at climate change fall short

Efforts to nudge the nation away from burning fossil fuels and toward harnessing renewable source of energy were rejected by voters Tuesday across a swath of resource-rich states in the western United States. Voters in Arizona, one of the nation’s most sun-soaked states, shot down a measure that would have accelerated its shift toward generating […]

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Opinion: A Green Ballot Trouncing

Tuesday’s election highlighted that more voters like Donald Trump’s policies than like him. Consider this week’s voter embrace of Mr. Trump’s pro-growth energy positions, via nationwide rejection of initiatives to raise energy costs. Most notable was Washington State’s defeat of a carbon tax for the second time in two years. Climate activists designed the 2016 […]

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All Charged Up, No Place to Go

Where in the country you drive an electric vehicle matters a lot for the environment, a point made repeatedly — both by economists (here and here) and by engineers (here and here). You know what else matters a lot? How much you drive. This gets very little attention, but has major implications for the environmental […]

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Colossal collapse’ in gas prices expected heading into midterm elections

Gas prices are expected to plunge sharply in the final days leading up to the midterm elections, potentially nearing $2 per gallon at some stations in low-tax states. The sudden respite at the pump comes from sharply lower oil prices and declining wholesale gasoline prices. Oil Price Information Service analyst Tom Kloza said it could […]

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California Vs. Texas In Electricity: Comparing The Two States 1 In 5 Americans Call Home

The third and most ignored reason California doesn’t use much electricity is that their tax and regulatory policies and high costs of doing business have steadily driven out industries that use a lot of energy to manufacture things such as steel and cement. There’s irony in this, of course, and it’s this: California’s environmentally-minded leaders […]

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California Ranks #1 In Sending Dollars Abroad For Energy

The USA is now a net exporter of crude oil, with crude oil exports exceeding imports. This oil boom is beneficial to 49 states, but not to California. The American shale boom has important security implications as well, as America is now less dependent on crude oil from the turbulent Middle East, again, except for […]

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Sacramento, your summer electricity bill is about to jump. Here’s what to do about it

SMUD officials say the new system is revenue neutral, meaning that ratepayers overall should end up paying the same annually as they do under the current system because of lower winter rates. But, as the chart below shows, many ratepayers will be hit with price shock during summer months, including a price spike in July […]

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Why are SDG&E’s rates higher than other California utilities?

A year-over-year review by the Union-Tribune of electricity rate charges by the three investor-owned utilities shows SDG&E’s rates are not only higher than their cohorts but they have also been rising faster. Residential baseline rates during the summer months from June 1 through Oct. 1 have gone up 80.7 percent since January 2014. . . […]

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Why Gasoline is Going Higher in California

It has become raison d’etre to blame President Trump for everything wrong with California; including higher gasoline prices plaguing our state and contributing to a slowing statewide GDP. But in today’s world that is connected via air, land, sea and increasingly cyberspace; globalization and policies knit countries and states together like never before. Many times […]

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Editorial: Science Says: Wind Power Blows

If you care about global warming, you must like wind power, right? But what if wind power itself ends up contributing to a warmer climate? That appears to be the case, according to a new study.

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China to add 259 GW of coal capacity, satellite imagery shows

The advocacy and research group, Coalswarm, which claims to have information on 13,000 existing and proposed coal plants worldwide via its Global Coal Plant Tracker, says satellite imagery shows China is set to add 259 GW of new coal-fired capacity to its grid. In a new report, Coalswarm says the central government in Beijing transferred […]

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The World Is ‘Nowhere Near On Track’ to Hit Global Warming Goal, UN Report Warns

Authors of a new UN climate report say it is “extremely improbable” that governments across the globe will be able to stop global warming beyond the 1.5C target, the Guardian reported. According to the report, the global population would need to take dramatic action in terms of how it generates energy, and grows food, among […]

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U.S. Energy-Related Carbon Dioxide Emissions, 2017

U.S. Energy Information Administration releases its online analysis of 2017 energy-related carbon dioxide emissions today. It indicates U.S. carbon dioxide emissions from the consumption of fossil fuels were 5,142 million metric tons carbon dioxide in 2017, a decrease of 0.9 percent from the 2016 level. Energy-related carbon dioxide emissions have declined in seven of the […]

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