California’s Roads, Dams and Other Infrastructure Get ‘C-‘ From America’s Civil Engineers

California’s infrastructure, from highways to levees to water systems, received an overall grade of “C-” from the American Society of Civil Engineers in its annual evaluation.

The Golden State’s airports, wastewater systems and ports received the highest grade at “C+,” while energy came in at a near-failing “D-” in the report released last week.

“Recent investments have been made across all 17 categories that comprise the state’s infrastructure network,” the ASCE noted. “However California is playing catch-up after years of under-investment and must identify investment needs for resilient infrastructure in preparation for future natural and man-made disasters.”

“Our transportation system is a fundamental key to both our state and national economy” said Rob Lapsley, president of the California Business Roundtable. “We must prioritize our infrastructure if we want to continue creating jobs and growing revenue while providing a safer and more reliable transportation system.”

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