Despite ridership drop off, all BART employees will get bonus

Despite a systemwide drop off in ridership, almost all BART employees will receive a $500 ridership bonus in their paychecks next month as part of their labor contract, the transit agency said this week.

San Francisco Chronicle columnists Matier & Ross first reported the bonus, which will go to 3,600 employees BART employees, except for around 12 or so managers who report to BART General Manager Grace Crunican.

“It’s a lump sum payment called for in the contract,” BART spokeswoman Alicia Trosttold the Chronicle.“And it is based on long-term ridership projections, which we’ve exceeded.”

BART ridership is down 3 percent overall, but is still up 1 percent from where the system had predicted it would be in 2017, triggering half of the $1,000 bonus that worked got in 2016, per their contractual language.

Trost told the paper that Crunican’s execs will make their $500 bonus if they meet different performance metrics, like lowering crime, cleaner stations, fewer issues with the homeless at ridership points and reducing fare evasion.

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