Infrastructure Rebuilding Is Trump Administration’s Next Big Push

A senior White House official said Sunday that the Trump administration’s push for an infrastructure rebuilding plan will begin in earnest early next month, and that the president has invited GOP congressional leaders to Camp David to nail down their agenda for 2018.

. . . Mr. Trump has been touting an overhaul of the nation’s infrastructure since his campaign began, and the administration considers it one of its top objectives. The White House is readying a $1 trillion plan that includes direct federal spending of around $200 billion, funds they say that would be offset by cuts elsewhere in the federal budget. The rest of the spending would come from cities, states and private investment.

Many congressional Democrats agree with Mr. Trump’s view that the state of America’s infrastructure is a drag on the economy and in need of an overhaul. But they say the $1 trillion investment should come largely from the federal government.

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