More than 80,000 LAUSD students were ‘chronically absent’ from school last year

One out of every seven students in the Los Angeles Unified School District — more than 80,000 kids — missed more than three weeks of classes, according to a report from an attendance task force presented to the district’s school board Tuesday.

Missing that amount of school is enough to put a student’s education at risk: Students who are “chronically absent,” which many researchers define as missing at least 15 school days in a year, are more likely to drop out once they reach high school. Roughly another 100,000 L.A. Unified students who missed between eight and 14 days of school last year are also at increased risk.

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LA Transportation Projects Face Cuts as Gas Tax Revenues Fall

The Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority will lose about $120 million that would have helped buy light rail cars, widen State Route 138 and build a new pedestrian bridge to connect the Burbank Airport with the Metrolink station.

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Why Gas Prices are Falling Nationwide but Increasing in Southern California

The reason is California only has a few refineries so when there are problems, there’s not much room for error, said Allison Mac, an analyst at GasBuddy.com. 

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How California’s Film Flight has Affected Angelenos

It’s been “disheartening as we have watched feature film work flee the city, and television production drop precipitously. Many people have dropped out altogether,” one source told us via our Public Insight Network.  On Facebook, Rita Lilly wrote: “Finding work for a lot of nice, hard-working, middle-class people is becoming progressively harder.”

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Mattel Moving 100 Fisher-Price Jobs to El Segundo from New York

Company: MattelCA Net Job Gain/Loss: 100Reason: Expand, From Out of StateCity/Region Losing Jobs: New York, NYCity/Region Gaining Jobs: El Segundo, CA

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