Clean Energy Tax Incentive Will Hit Its Cap

Tesla is a large recipient. The carmaker is currently applying for over $140 million–more than enough to deplete an entire year’s fund.

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Torlakson Says LCFF Money Can Go To Teacher Raises

Under California’s new local control funding formula, schools get additional money for low-income, non-English speaking and foster youth. In a letter State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson has told districts they can spend that money for across-the-board teacher raises if they can link the increases to better student services. Torlakson was not available for an interview.

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Report: Renting More Affordable Than Buying

A new study finds Sacramento area home prices have gotten out-of-reach for people who earn the median income or less. The data from research firm RealtyTrac show it’s cheaper to rent in Sacramento County than to buy.

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Double Pay On Holidays Bill Gets Initial Backing In California Legislature

California employers would be required to pay their employees double for working on Thanksgiving or Christmas under a bill advancing at the state Capitol. The measure passed its first committee vote Wednesday.

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More Areas In California Would Likely Exceed Smog Standards Under Proposal

The California Air Resources Board says the state has 16 regions that are not meeting the current standard. More rural, mountainous and less populated areas of California would likely exceed federal limits if the new standard is approved.

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California State Employees Receive Pay Raises Starting July 1

About 215,000 state employees will be seeing a few dollars more in their next paycheck. Some workers say getting the more than four percent raise in one lump sum would be better.

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