U.S. sends troops in response to possible “violent” demonstrations in Congo

President Trump announced Friday evening that U.S. troops had been sent to Gabon to protect U.S. assets in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which is awaiting the first results of its presidential election. Mr. Trump wrote in a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Friday that around 80 personnel had been deployed to the capital […]

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Entry-level jobs at stores aren’t as easy to get

Getting a job at a store or fast-food restaurant — often a way into the economy for an unskilled worker — used to be as simple as walking up and down the mall and applying. Now, with store chains closing and laying off thousands of workers, that path is more complicated. The stores that remain […]

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“Gigs” are becoming lifelines for seniors

A study conducted by the JPMorgan Chase Institute found that roughly 4.2 percent of retirees have used the gig economy to earn money over the past three years, up 47-fold over the period. Moreover, the study, which used anonymous data from JP Morgan Chase customers to draw a wide sampling, found that seniors generated a larger segment of their income from the gig economy than any other group.

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Arizona Welcomes Uber Self-Driving Program After It Ditches California

“Arizona welcomes Uber self-driving cars with open arms and wide open roads. While California puts the brakes on innovation and change with more bureaucracy and more regulation, Arizona is paving the way for new technology and new businesses,” said Gov. Ducey. 

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Why the U.S. economy is weaker than it looks

Fresh data seem to suggest the U.S. economy is revving up, with growth rising at its fastest pace in two years. Yet a deeper look at the numbers reveals that strength may be overstated. . . Capital Economics estimates that a full 0.9 percent of the GDP gain in the third quarter was driven by the one-off surge in soybean exports alone — a gain the research firm expects be reversed in the final three months of the year. . . Outside of exports and inventories, meanwhile, the news for the economy was less encouraging. Consumption disappointed, residential investment dropped 6.2 percent, and equipment investment fell 2.7 percent.

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California Leads Nation in Job Creation

(CBS News) LOS ANGELES, Calif. – The Golden State is striking it rich in job creation. Jim Nguyen is an executive vice president at Truecar.com. Their website helps consumers know fair prices when buying or selling a vehicle. They currently have two buildings.

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