Domino’s Is Fixing Potholes Because They’re Ruining Pizza

America’s infrastructure is in a sorry state. Bridges are crumbling, airports and seaports are falling into disrepair, and our roads are covered in potholes. This sucks for everyone, but especially Domino’s, which is so tired of potholes ruining its pizzas that it has taken to fixing them itself. The pizza chain said in a press […]

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Smaller, Cheaper Nuclear Reactors Are on the Way

The specific reactor approved by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission is built by NuScale, an Oregon-based energy company that has been working on its design for over a decade. The reactor design is only about 65 feet long and generates 50 megawatts of power, and comes with enough fuel to last an entire year. The reactor […]

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Scientists Accidentally Discover Efficient Process to Turn CO2 Into Ethanol

The researchers were attempting to find a series of chemical reactions that could turn CO2 into a useful fuel, when they realized the first step in their process managed to do it all by itself. The reaction turns CO2 into ethanol, which could in turn be used to power generators and vehicles.

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