A 2018 Evaluation of LAUSD’s Fiscal Outlook: Revisiting the Findings of the 2015 Independent Financial Review Panel

The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) faces immense fiscal challenges. The district has lost more than 245,000 students in the last 15 years. Deficit spending is projected to drain the district’s reserve level from 11.64 percent of total general fund expenditures in 2016–2017 down to a projected -5.61 percent by 2020–2021—even assuming five years […]

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Urban Containment: The Social and Economic Consequences of Limiting Housing and Travel Options

There are broader consequences to urban containment policy. Research has associated urban containment policy with slower metropolitan area employment growth and slower economic growth. Further, during the last decade there was a pronounced net domestic migration toward lower cost housing metropolitan areas from higher cost areas. With their restrictions on development outside the urban footprint, urban containment policies effectively trap people and businesses into higher cost areas, with unintended consequences for the broader economy. – See more at: http://reason.org/news/show/urban-containment-the-social-travel#sthash.jNKWv3Qp.dpuf

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20th Annual Highway Report on the Performance of State Highway Systems

. . . tracks the performance of state-owned highway systems of the United States from 1984 to 2009. Eleven indicators make up each state’s overall rating, including highway expenditures, interstate and primary road pavement condition, bridge condition, urban interstate congestion, fatality rates and narrow rural lanes. The study is based on spending and performance data submitted by the state highway agencies to the federal government. –

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