Labor Dispute at West Coast Ports Threaten Economy

A study by the National Retail Federation and the National Association of Manufacturers estimates that a 10-day shutdown would cost the nation’s economy nearly $2 billion a day and “could be catastrophic” for retailers, manufacturers, farmers and other industries across the economy that rely on the ports for both imports and exports.

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Report: California Key to Raising National Graduation Rate

The high school graduation rate in the United States will not increase as quickly as experts think it can without more improvement in California, which educates one-fifth of the nation’s low-income school children and more Hispanic students than any other state, a report set to be released Monday concludes.

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Inland Empire Fastest Growing Region for High Tech

In the past 12 years, the Inland Empire beat out high-tech hubs like Seattle, San Francisco and Silicon Valley in the creation of high-tech jobs.

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